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Whether you are a
new or seasoned
author, we can publish your work.

*And we won't sell YOU boxes of your own    book that sit in your house.

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Put away the doubts and fears.

Do you have a story
(or stories) aching to break out?

Even if you don't publish with us, we all know how time seems to slip away.
One step at a time, put your BEST work forward, and
take action!


We work to create a professional looking interior and eye-catching cover.

Your book will be available in ebook and print!

You'll also receive ongoing promotions through our social media and your own profile page on our Website.

ALL at NO COST to you.*

*That's right. If we choose to publish you, there are
NO costs or fees.




We also have an anthology we release each quarter.
It is ideal for short stories of any genre.

If you have an unfinished short or one waiting in that pile, now is the time!  


Send your finished manuscript, along with

your legal name and contact information to:

*Put SUBMISSION in subject line.


We will respond soon as possible to all

(Questions may be sent to this address also.)

Happy Writing!