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*Next Issue: Spring, release in April 2022
Issue  Two :
Adventures on the /go Issue 2
Includes 3 Original Tales, 2 Classics
and more.

PLUS: Three Questions with Crime Author
Joni M. Fisher 
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Available at Amazon and
wherever books are sold!
The Waxwork
Special Feature!
From BBC Radio, 1963, an audio adaptation of The Waxwork,
written by A.M. Burrage.

Enjoy a story by Burrage in the Winter Issue of Adventures...
Issue  One :
Book 1 Cover
Fall, 2021
Available at Amazon and
wherever books are sold!
On Amazon
Introducing a new anthology series,
reminiscent of the old pulp magazines!

In this first issue: an Edgar Allan Poe story that was made into a movie,
science fiction by the talented
Stanley Mullen, and the
Eye Collector Journal
(an OffBeatReads original),
sure to creep you out.

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Excerpt from  Issue One:
So let’s talk about Rebecca. She was the first addition to my collection. During my super brief stint with her, I finished transforming into the monster I had been trying to put off. She was in danger and there was nothing I could do about it.