A Take on Modern Day Sheep

I’m not anti-tech, not against real progress, and really don’t want to go back to carriages and horses. I can appreciate that type of life, it’s just not me. I enjoy the things our technological age offers too much to go back. But something has been in my thoughts for some time now.


In recent years there has been much concern about what modern devices are doing to our psyche. I believe it is possible that having our minds so wrapped around our devices (cell phones, games, laptops e.t.c.), can have a negative effect on us.


Picture a world with mindless crowds. The people have forgotten how to think. Dressed in t-shirts and worn out pants, the detached people subconsciously coral themselves to fit into the designated walking areas. Occasionally a person may bump into another, but the subconscious mind has worked that out, too. Weaving about without a nod, without a word, everyone has a device in their hands or a wearable or—even an implant.


Outside citizens look unique, inside they are copies of each other. Sheep. Individual value is no longer a consideration and freedom is a bad word. What is most vital for the collective is the shallow, temporary feeling the technological feeding provides. Grazing all day, they have forgotten how to smile, how to feel, how to live for something deeper and even how to enjoy the world they once worshipped.


For me, the ramifications of a society such as this are frightening. Evil things have happened in our world. For power, men have committed violent acts in the name of the good, thinking that in their utopian world they can provide for the people—as long as the people obey without question. The technologically advanced world opens up all kinds of opportunities for evil to take control. All you need are powerful masterminds and humans that forget how to think for themselves.


Hovering in a shallow place of existence, we lose the ability to think critically. We easily become copies of one another, automatically wanting to fit in because being different is denied by the majority. And it’s easy to deny what makes us unique because we no longer take the time to engage our brains with critical thinking. We follow the mob, forgetting that the crowd is not always right. Emotions not seated in rational thought control us...and those in power control our emotions.


Boring, paralyzed copies of other people copying other people, all moving as ants. Day after day, day after mind-numbing day... the generations that knew once knew what freedom felt like are now gone.


And those in the tower will be amused as they look down on us.

“We made them victims, and out of fear they complied.”

“We made them slaves to technology.”

“We offered them security.”

“We served them with sweet-tasting satisfaction.”

“We told them what peace and fulfillment is.”

“We gave them what we told them they needed.”


On and on in self-righteousness they boast, while the robotic people below them live in lifeless motion.