How Do You Perceive Work?


When I was a child, we had a middle-aged neighbor whom I admired greatly. I’ll call him Mick.


    Every day, he would rise at an early hour and head to work at his blue collar job doing maintenance work. When the whistle blew, he came home to enjoy his wife and kids and do various work for others he knew around the neighborhood.

    He was always singing, whistling, joking. He was kinda loud, but in a good way. Anytime he was around you could expect him to engage you in conversation and have a good attitude. People wondered where he got his endless supply of energy.

    My own father was a mega contrast to him: grouchy, lacking energy, bad attitude. Every job and task was riddled with swear words and complicated mannerisms that added to how much work the original work was in the first place. Being around him was hell, and learning from him was impossible.

    It could be in my DNA, or perhaps I simply took more from my father’s bad example than I did Micks. To this day, I do my best to enjoy work like Mick did, but with long to-do lists and life pressures (excuses), it’s so easy to slip into a bad mindset. Work easily becomes more of a chore than it should be, and not having the right attitude means my performance is lacking. Most of all, I’m not enjoying the work and nobody wants to be around me. It’s a constant struggle, and pressure I apply to myself doesn’t help either.

    Thanks Mick, for showing me there is a better way. Now it’s up to me to get it right.