"If you figure out how to seek fulfillment in life first,
then you will be truly free and happy."
Life Coaching
The more fulfilled you are, the more...

The world really does offer beauty and opportunity. As someone who has gone through major depression and anxiety,

I know it can also offer confusion,

distractions, and darkness.

If you aren't suffering from depression or anxiety, you may be dealing with family dynamics, bad habits, or stagnation. You may feel as though your personal or professional life is going nowhere. Progress toward your goals has come to a halt.

Something is in your way.

The path may seem closed for good. You've probably tried to have a good attitude, be positive and be creative in your effort to see the way through.


My job isn't to have

all the answers. As

a trained life coach,

I do have experience

and tools that can

help you see the

solution clearly.

Together we can

work through

what is going on,

and figure out steps

in order for you to

come out successful. 


Sometimes that's all

we need, an objective

set of eyes to help us

see what we can't. And seeking guidance doesn't mean you're weak. It means you're smart enough to reach out in an effort to figure it out. Reaching out is a strategic move that says you are smarter, you are willing to adjust and change in order to win and not be defeated.

Our intentions are good.
But many things can interrupt
our thinking and impede our growth and happiness. Sometimes it takes someone outside of what is going on to help guide you through so you can see the way to freedom again.
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Certified by the Academy of Modern Applied Psychology

About Me:
My name is Robert.
     Being a child was no fun for me. Not only did I witness my mother being abused by my father, I was abused physically and mentally as well. Other kids in the neighborhood were free to run, free to play and be a kid. I wondered why my upbringing wasn't like theirs.
     Other things in my life have been a challenge, but I believe things happen for a reason. It took awhile for me to realize it, but things I experienced made me stronger and gave me insight. That's why I'm here.
     In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, motorcycle touring, classic movies and working out.

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Are You In Crisis Now?

"It's true. I get defensive and can't do that anymore. I know I have done much better.
I know I can take charge!"

"You re the best motivator. It is all so true."

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