A Misfit Book Review


A friend of mine recently recommended a book to me, “The Art of Being Unmistakable,” and I admit, I thought no, not another book to read. My own personal wish list of books I have wanted to read has gotten way too long and I needed to catch up. However, as I trust my friend’s taste in books, I decided to dive into it with an open mind. The book had my utmost attention with the first line in the Foreword.

“The future belongs to the misfits,” writes the author, Srinivas Rao. Rao packs this short, quick-read book with an amazing amount of A-Ha moments that will point your life in a new direction. Rao speaks of listening to your inner misfit. That part of yourself that is going to let you choose yourself. You are the one responsible in making your best life. The inner misfit is the one who selects to take an unscripted path. You don’t need to conform to the norm. The norm or the expectations to follow the rules stifles our creativity. We all go through the motions of working at a job to pay our bills, worrying about having it all figured out, and even spending all our efforts on wondering how we compare to other people. 

Rao writes that all those things do nothing for allowing our inner misfit to breathe. There is no room to create. The misfit is drowning in layers of untold truths. Rao says we can’t simply find our truth. We have to live it. So how do you live it? You have to stop being afraid. The author writes, “What would happen if you decided to be the no-bullshit version of yourself?” That would open up a whole new way of thinking about where you want your life to go. He goes on to say that we would no longer be scared to take risks, tell the truth, be creative for the sake of joy, and you no longer have to be endorsed as a person of value in other people’s eyes. 

Rao’s book continues to question the reader in a no-nonsense manner. He speaks to the heart of the misfit, who wants to break away and experience life in the now. You don’t want to simply live life for the drudgery of getting through it without happiness or just doing what is expected of you. You are the one who has the control. You live the life you create for yourself. The one that makes you feel empowered to learn something new each day, to study what gives you pleasure, to let yourself be open to new experiences when you walk the path to the right instead of the left. 

After I finished reading the book, I called my good friend to thank him and express how much I needed to read that book. The book is invaluable in speaking to you as an individual. If you want to let your inner misfit out then take a chance and read, “The Art of Being Unmistakable,” by Srinivas Rao.

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