Self Publishing?

We can help you.

OffBeat Publishing Mission Statement:

To seek out fresh, unique stories and publish them

for talented new authors.


Do you make time to write because it's in your blood?

OffBeat Publishing is a micropublisher, so we are small, but we are here to stay. Plus, our size means we can give your book personal attention.


No matter what genre

you write, we can

work together to get

your final draft published.



We provide TWO OPTIONS:


Publishing Only

Subject to approval of your finished manuscript, we will format the interior, create a custom design for the cover and, using one of our partners, distribute your book to major online retailers such as: Amazon, Kobo, Nook, iBooks & others.

(Manuscript must be a minimum of 70,000 words.)

We will publish your story in both eBook and paperback.

(A free ISBN for each format is included.)

*Hardback format is considered on a case by case basis; usually depending upon genre and length.



Publishing and Lifetime Membership

We publish your book as stated above and include a Lifetime Membership to OffBeatReads growing family of authors.

In addition, we will give you a 20% discount on publishing all future books with us, for as long as you remain a member.

Other Perks:

- We'll provide a custom landing page for you on our website, and include links to your social media.

- We will promote your books, (any published with us), your website, and social media on our growing social media platforms consistently (until you tell us not to).

- An OffBeatReads badge for your website.

- We will provide you with a Marketing Packet containing instructions on how you can market and promote your books AND how you can increase the chances that your book will be seen and rank on Amazon, (due to increased sales). Other information may be passed on to you from time to time as well.


*Note that in both A and B packages

editing/proofreading of your manuscript

is not offered. Some other services offer this.

Finding an editor/proofreader you prefer to

work with is crucial, and will give you more

control over the final draft of your work.

This also helps keeps costs related to the

design portion lower for your bottom line.

Therefore we do ask that your manuscript

be edited/proofread before submitting to us.





*Note: If you need assistance in getting your finished

manuscript to us, we can promptly supply you with

a Resource Packet containing editors, proofreaders,

and more. There is no charge for this. 

If you need the Resource Packet, send an email to: 

Tell us your name and simply ask us for it. 






Ready to publish your book now?

Please follow the easy steps below.

*If you aren't ready, just bookmark this page*

No catch. Publishing packages for the author who chooses to self-publish

Fill out the following form. If you have any questions you require an answer to before purchasing a package, please include them in the field provided. You can return to purchase a package anytime.


We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex,

age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation. It is our intention

that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection

decisions be based on publishing-related factors only.

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Thanks for submitting!


Send your completed manuscript to:

Be sure to include your name in body of email, with "Manuscript Submission" in Subject.

Note: Our team will not be able to begin working with your document until payment is received. 


Choose your package:

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Total= $549.00

From your desk to stores + Lifetime Membership, Total= $649.00

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