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From the Back of the Book:
This isn't just a poetry book. This is a Misfit's book of poetry. A Misfit is a person who poorly adapts to a situation or environment. This author has created this poetry book to share a piece of herself with other Misfits who may see themselves in her work.
The Politically Incorrect...
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From the Back of the Book:
These days some people are hurt and offended by literally some of the dumbest things you can imagine. Why? Because these people think the world can be a utopia if they can control how everyone else thinks. Here, in your hands, is the book to set the record straight. This is the objective, unbiased, and CORRECT-Politically Incorrect Alphabet Book.
Some conspiracies are real.
The leader of The Faction
sits in his eccentric office with
Edgar, and explains the
fascinating story about how
it all began. Edgar is wise
beyond his years, and has
something up his
proverbial sleeve.
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What Did Mom Say? Children's Book
In a land of wonderful German
castles and treats, a little girl
discovers that her mom
speaks a different language.
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Why Do Men Have Nipples?
My Name is D.R. Melvin

Have you heard of the Jackson County serial

killer? Many have not.

Questions always abound when horrific events

take place. When someone commits

unspeakable violence, we either dare to look

evil straight on, or we turn away.

Now, with the release of D.R. Melvin’s journals,

you have a chance to face

the disturbing darkness.  

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Yes, the title is here to get your attention,

and it proves the author's point.

With so many distractions and

attention-grabbers around us, how

can we keep from getting distracted?

Are there things we accept as normal

that really hinder our

happiness and success?

There are easy answers, but beyond those,

this book includes not only tips and quotes

(and images) to get you thinking, but also

articles that will make you consider many

things in a different light.

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